Obey is part of the album The Ten Commandments in which one finds its remixed and remastered version. This single version has an increased loudness thar gives it a more violent and trashy appearance. Also, It is longer. It is available for download and streaming around the world and on all platforms.

The Ten Commandments album alludes to the cult scene of the movie “They live” in which subliminal injunctions are visible everywhere in the city. According to the commonly accepted explanation, this narrative metaphorically expresses the struggle against Capitalism. Each injunction gives a title and an inspiration to the ten musics, framed by an incitement to awakening and revolt.

Obey is the first of the Ten Commandments and the most important. The cover of the single shows the police repressing a demonstration and superimposed a smiley that expresses the smile of facade and feigned benevolence that accompanies this injunction to obedience in modern liberal capitalism.