For simplicity, we could classify the music of Yan Lohendra in the electronic genre. But everything keeps Yan away from it, even though he uses a computer and synthesizers.  Yan Lohendra defines himself more as a sculptor of sounds than as a musician, even if he studied music. It does not use the rules of composition but gradually shapes a sound material from a fairly crude form that refines until the final result.

The spirit of Zeuhl, atonal music, hip hop, techno, electro, trip hop and concrete music are some of his influences. It is certain that few people appreciate the music of Yan Lohendra, which is not made to please everyone, just like himself, atypical and untrendy, who prefers to stay away from the life of the modern world.

Yan Lohendra does not have a smartphone but only an old-fashioned mobile phone that he rarely turns on, and is therefore often unreachable. He does not watch television either. After creating and using his Facebook page for a few weeks, he decided to use it only to announce important events, because the practice of this social network did not correspond to his mind or his being.