Yan Lohendra is an atypical musician, both in his life and in his artistic achievements. Titular of a doctorate, he prefers contemplation to action, leads a simple life by meditating every day, practices vegetalism, crudivorism and hiking. He does not even have a smartphone and is kept away from modern world, being unreachable most of the time. Yan militates for free software by using them for his musical achievements.

He composes his works directly on the sound material that he works on a computer and which he progressively shapes, in the manner of a sculptor, and to which he gives form outside any conscious harmonization, acting in a form of atonality and creating experimental music. Enriching his sound palette with noises he records, his compositions are often minimalist and repetitive, sometimes obsessive. To develop a music he proceeds in the way of techno music. He does not try to produce music that pleases to everyone.

Meditation helps him to free himself from all that conditions the mind and from all the music he has listened to. Yan Lohendra is influenced by the spirit of the Zeuhl, musical current initiated by the group Magma. In addition to the Zeuhl, atonal music, hip hop, techno, electro, trip hop, and concrete music are part of the influences of Yan Lohendra.