Yan Lohendra’s Upsilon Plus album is based on the story of Sandra T. who is gradually transforming into a different being, an Upsilon Plus. It does not tell this story, which is an allegory, but expresses it in various ways.

Sandra T. looks normal on the outside in all respects, but everything goes on inside. She asserts that she undergoes a process of transformation to become another, the product of an interior progressive artificialization. To become what? Sandra T. evolves into a being called Uspilon Plus. Nobody knows exactly what an Upsilon Plus is about, not even Sandra T.

That began with the brain and it was believed that she was going crazy, then the transformation spread down into her body. Each affected organ changes into an artificial system, even though it apparently always looks like a real organ. Her mind was constantly agitated and underwent the assault of black thoughts and sad or aggressive emotions.

How is it possible ? It would be nanorobots so small that they proved undetectable. Sandra T. was infected while staying in a hospital for several days following a discomfort. A false nurse came to give her injections at night in the greatest secrecy. One night she awoke suddenly, as if alert, and she saw her leaning on her armed with a hypodermic syringe. Her brutal awakening put her to flight. Sandra T. was not believed when she complained to the medical authorities of the hospital.

Sandra T. no longer sought to know who was behind what happened to her, for no one believed her and no one supported her. She found no help either among her family or among her friends. They moved away from her little by little. As for her parents and sisters, they signified to her by their attitude that what she said did not count any more. Also, Sandra T. then avoided meeting them as much as possible.

It all started on a day in May when Sandra T. was in the wilderness and walked on the ridge of a mountain in the area where she lived. Suddenly, Sandra T. saw what surrounded her and the landscape she contemplated in a different way: everything was saturated with colors and enhanced by a strong contrast. Everything seemed new, as newly created. Sandra T. felt as part of the world around her, in a fusional way. The sensation was extraordinary and increased to a paroxysm which made her lose the notion of time. Then she lost consciousness. Other walkers saw her collapse and, unable to revive her, called for help, who took her to the nearest hospital where she awoke. Several examinations were made, without finding the cause of his illness, which was then called psychiatric. The doctors made her take neuroleptics. It was during this stay that she was infected.

One day Sandra T. met an old man who seemed to examine her from top to bottom and with whom a discussion began. He told Sandra T., after learning the tragedy she was experiencing, that he was well aware of the transformation into Upsilon Plus. The old man also affirmed he knew how to push back the artificialization and even make it regress until it disappears. Sandra T. accepted his help and he gave rise to a little hope in her, even though she only half believed him. He asked her to trust him completely and to rely on him.

The elderly man presented her with a spiritual path on which she had to commit herself with all her soul and body. He taught her different methods of meditation that she had to perform four times a day, as well as physical exercises to perform each morning. Moreover, she had to respect a form of hygiene of life, in particular by becoming selective for her food. But that will not be enough, he said. You must also strictly comply with ethical rules that will guide your steps and transform your life. Sandra T. would have to walk along this path throughout his life.

Sandra T. practiced all the advice of his spiritual master and soon felt better, which encouraged him to continue on the path of life traced by him. She felt good again in her mind and body. The emotions and negative thoughts that had invaded her regressed and after a few weeks she felt constantly in an equal mood. After a year, she had made tremendous progress.

The old man confessed to her that artificialization had not regressed, on the contrary, but that it was not really an artificialization. He was sent to her to help her to turn into Upsilon Plus. He also explained to her that her body did not become a machine, although the evolution she had realized was real. It evolved into something impossible to name and describe, for far beyond human intellectual capacities. Sandra T. did not blame him because she was delighted to hear the good news about her body, although she was worried about the state that was the end of her evolution. So she continued on the way.

Several years passed and Sandra T. was on the way to reaching the goal. Her master then told her that she had never undergone any physical transformation, but that only her mind had changed and evolved, although it would have influenced her body as well. As for the term Uspilon Plus, it was only one word like another to designate this goal. In reality, there would never be an Upsilon Plus, just as no Sandra T. had ever existed.

Sandra T. then realized that nothing really existed and she became an Uspilon Plus.

The story of Sandra T. is an allegory with two levels of understanding.

In the first degree, it tells the spiritual progression in the broad sense of a person, without it being a particular religion, reason why the purpose of the path is called “Upsilon Plus”. This path can concern both a religion, whether it is theistic or not, or a brotherhood, even a spiritual materialism such as a form of personal development, or even a political awakening. The transformation into a machine of Sandra T. refers to the growing reification of humans in modern society and their ever-increasing dependence on technology, which is accompanied by a gradual adaptation of being to machine. It is also necessary to see the growing commodification of human life by capitalism, in its most intimate or personal aspects.

On a second plane the allegory concerns the modern world, history being a criticism, both anti-capitalist and anti-technical, but with a spiritualistic dimension, without setting aside what belongs to the class struggle. In an increasingly commercial and technical society, the world is moving towards a growing artificialisation in all its aspects, turning its back on nature and destroying it, including in the deepest part of the human being. The stranglehold on the domain of life by the economy ends to enslave what remains of freedom in the modern society with a finality of exploitation ever more relentless.

The two allegories join in the critique of modern confusing culture and the emergence of a kind of newspeak, in which truth and lie mingle to form a single entity, mixing and exacerbating the concepts in a finality of domination by the loss of meaning and the artificial opposition of populations manipulated by political changes and developments in a global propaganda.

The very purpose of the spiritual or political path becomes uncertain, the finality to be avoided appearing as the supreme realization, in a linguistic substitution that turns the disease into a remedy. In this targeted propaganda the deseases are denied and hidden without being genuinely treated. They have never existed, but their ultimate step becomes the magnified goal to be achieved to free oneselves from all obstacles. The real is then akin to a dream production in which the lie would have no consistency and could therefore be metamorphosed into truth.